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The US potential of online grocery delivery via pickup units

After becoming the preferred delivery option for French consumers that buy their groceries online, where more than 90% of online grocery orders are picked up via more than 4,000 “drive through” locations, a similar trend is emerging in the US online grocery market as well. According to the US online grocery consumer survey published by Coresight Research, 51% of the respondents declared that they prefer to collect their online groceries from a pickup location, while only 45.3% prefer home delivery.This is not surprising given that population in both countries live mainly in suburban areas, where home delivery becomes more expensive. At the same time the majority of the US consumers, similar with French ones, use their cars to go to work, so it is easier for them to collect their online grocery as they drive back home than remain chained at home to receive them, not to mention the additional fees they have to pay for home delivery. The number of US online grocery pickup locations are in